Sunday, February 2, 2014

Underpriviledged Eduction - The Reading Warriors

The latest ASER report finds once more that our government schools don’t necessarily produce students who can read. That’s why the work of volunteers, the reading warriors as MALA KUMAR calls them, becomes vital.
Pagdandi: Organises reading days and reading events for slum children in Delhi.
Uncle Moosa: Extraordinary crusader who has helped set up 13 Bamboosa Libraries in villages of Arunachal Pradesh.
Akshara Foundation: Runs an Accelerated Reading Programme in Karnataka that helps children start ‘reading’ from Day 1.
Bookworm: Takes storytelling camps and books to children in some of the poorest socio-economic groups of Goa.
Pratham Books: Has printed over 8.5 million books and over 10 million story cards in English and 10 other Indian languages.
Title: Turning the page
Author: Mala Kumar
Source: The Hindu Magazine
Date: 2nd Feb 2014

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