Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lessons for LIFE - Shah Rukh Khan

Issue Even celebrities fear failure. Actor Shah Rukh Khan tells you how to relish, cherish and learn from it.

Excerpts from "The Hindu" article.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan's Message
  • Everyone should taste failure, he declared, pointing out that while success is a wonderful thing, it tends not to teach us anything. We enjoy it, “but we don’t acquire anything from it.” Things happened to him, he said, because he was really scared of failure. As a child, he equated poverty with failure, signed films purely out of fear of failure. The true road to success is not the desire for success, but the fear of failure, he said.
  • It is your response to failure that helps to buffer the reverses you experience, he said, listing his own two. First is pragmatism. “I believe if one approach does not work, another might. The second response is fatalism. I fool myself that it was bound to happen, and that I need to move on, and not get caught up in ‘Why me?’ It happened, move on.”
  • Failure offers an incentive to harder work, which invariably leads to greater success. If you don’t fail, you will never learn. And if you don’t learn, you will never grow. 
  • Failure helps you find out who your real friends are.
  • Regular failures taught him to empathize with others, he said. Overcoming failures helps us discover we have a strong will, shores up confidence in our ability to survive. Your failure is a product of your own actions, he said. 

Relish it, cherish it, learn from it. Failure is never fatal. There can be no courage unless you are scared. 

Strategies to overcome fear of failure:-
  • The simple way to deal with failure is to keep calm, not change things at once but keep looking out with hope.
  • “Fear of failure stops us from trying,” said Mohana Narayanan, counsellor. We get stuck in a rut, stay there rather than attempt to walk again. Consequently, it corrodes our self-worth and efficacy. A lot of self-talk will help overcome it, she said. “Have faith in your ability, take smaller steps than aim for the stars, reward yourself for any small victory, and compete with yourself and not with others.”
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Title         : Lessons for Life
Author    : Geeta Padmanabhan
Source    : "The Hindu" Metroplus dtd. 8th Oct 2013

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