Friday, October 11, 2013

Never stop doing what you enjoy - Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy

‘Never stop doing what you enjoy’ - Motivational speaker Brian Tracy says this is the key to success

Key insights from "The Hindu" article are:-

  • Invest in improving quality, not in ads.
  • Successful people have the courage to take action, he said. Move out of the comfort zone.
  • Yes, you could make wrong decisions, but you proceed with vision and courage.
  • You need integrity to win the trust of people
  • Accept responsibility for what you do. A truly superior person will not find excuses, he is non-defensive. Learn to be a good communicator. Remember 90 per cent of your worktime goes in communicating with managers, investors, customers, the press, or in making presentations.
  • Leaders are always in motion except when they have to do slow thinking
  • You need both quick and slow action. It’s impossible to fail when you try anything without fear.
  • Insist on excellent work.
  • Find new people if workers won’t strive for higher goals.
  • You will move towards what comes naturally to you. Never stop doing what you enjoy. “That is the key to success.” Not always possible, I told him. Then do it differently, he offered. “Choose subjects you want to write on.”
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Author : Geeta Padmanabhan
Source : "The Hindu Metro plus - Chennai"

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