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Law of Attraction

Your wish is my command

2009, August 15, My 1st Toastmasters meeting
I was called for a table topic. My heart beat was thundering at a high speed, my mind went blank, and I was frozen. I was speechless and nothing was coming out of my mouth. Not even air was coming out of my mouth.  I stood in the centre of the stage for 45 seconds without uttering a word. Then I went back to my place with my head down. That night I could not sleep and I switched on my TV to watch a movie.  Those 45 seconds in the club and the 1 hour 45 minutes I spent in watching the movie, changed my attitude towards public speaking.

The movie I saw that night was “The Secret”. How many of you have seen this Movie? Great!

The movie is based on Law of attraction. What is law of attraction? It is intention manifestation model. I know it sounds complicated. In simple terms, you ask what you want, you truly believe in it and you will receive it.
The three important things which I am going to talk are
      1.      Law of attraction
      2.      Sending right signals
      3.      Tips and Techniques to practice LOA in our daily lives.

Law of Attraction
Law of attraction in 3 steps are Ask, Believe and Receive.

That night I decided to be a good public speaker. I visualized myself speaking before a huge audience on a daily basis. I raised this wish and I truly believed in it by attending Toastmasters weekly meeting. Eventually I received the benefit of it. On the day Toastmasters club was chartered in my company, I spoke in front of an audience of 500 people. Yes, The Law of Attraction works. It works for me and it works for each and every one of you.
To visualize it better, it is like ordering / asking the universe your wish. A genie will appear in front of you and says your wish is my command. It is as simple as that.

Even mythology says Ask, you will receive it. Knock and the door will open for you.
Sending right signals

Most of the times we talk about things which we do not have. We are sending signals of not having again and again. Every time we talk about things which we do not have in our life. It could be not having girl friends, horrible mother-in-law/daughter-in-law or having a lousy boss. That is why we are attracting those things again and again. As per Law of attraction, if one asks for things what you really want in life and visualizes it and truly believes in it, I am pretty sure the one attracts those things automatically.
What kind of signals do we send in our daily life or at work place? What kind of subjects do we talk? We crib about our wives or Husbands? We are always sending signals of things which we do not have? The right approach would be to send the signals which we want to have. Law of attraction will work for you.
Tips and Techniques to practice LOA in our daily lives

Most of our self talks, a part of my mind says, you are not good. To overcome those actions, I always keep a magic stone with me. I learnt this from the movie and use it on a regular basis. Who is your worst enemy? Self-criticism is always your worst enemy. Whenever I get any negative thoughts, I touch this magic stone and replace it with a positive thought.
The movie says on a single day we get around 65,000 thoughts. Let me repeat it is 65,000 thoughts. To make it easier, It can be related to both good feelings and negative feelings. You can always replace any negative thoughts with a positive thought to make your life better and joyful.
We can extend the same law of attraction to our day to day life. If you want that dream job, that promotion or your entrepreneurial venture or to overcome your relationship, wish for it and truly commit and believe in it by visualizing it and you will definitely receive it.

To practice the secret in daily life, let us visualize our wishes for 5 to 10 minutes a day. To make it more effective let us visualize our thoughts as soon as we get up and just before you go to sleep.

Even, Buddha’s teaching confirms this theory as well.
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

In a nutshell, Law of attraction boils down to Thoughts becomes things. By changing your thoughts and you can change your destiny.
I can relate the secret of the secret movie with my favourite quote from Basha movie is “Unn Vaizhai Un Kayil” your life is in your hands.. Go for it.

The Secret Movie
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