Sunday, August 25, 2013

Peace advice from Po - Stress Handling Tips from Shvetha Jaishankar

Peace advice from Po by Shvetha Jaishankar in "The Hindu"
Even for inner peace, working with what you like rather than what has worked for someone else is what gives results.
Here are some things I swear by:
  • Deep breathing 11 times (10 is standard and 1 extra just in case) — for immediate relief
  • A morning routine (30 minutes at least) preferably before the household wakes up when you can contemplate/ meditate/ read / anything you like
  • Keeping a diary, where you jot down your favourite quotes and record moments from your life that have made you smile
  • Reading Bertrand Russell’s Conquest of Happiness — practical and philosophical advice.
  • Having a ‘Brown Paper Package’ — a goody bag of things that make you happy, photos, music CD, book and a piece of chocolate. Tap into it when you are happy or sad. It works both ways!
  • Phone a friend.
  • And the surest method of all — a good night’s rest.
Author is Shvetha Jaishankar was once a top-notch model; has an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad; and is traveller, entrepreneur, experimenter, and connoisseur of the fine things in life. Mail her at

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