Friday, August 9, 2013

Make your life count says Mahatria Ra


I liked this article in 'The Hindu' and sharing the same.

Core Messages are:-

  • One should identify a cause larger than oneself.
  • Information is not the key. Transformation is the key.
  • Resistance to change prevents us from growing. We have to give up what we are to become who we should be. Doing the same thing and expecting to change is insanity. “The process of change is indeed painful, but we have to realise that transition takes us from a lower level of comfort to a higher level. We need introverted dynamism to reach that higher plane of comfort"
  • Expand abundance. Live life in all its dimensions. Success comes to those who celebrate the success of others. Add value to what you do — whether you are a doctor, designer or a cleaner. Surpass expectation.
  •  Be healthy, wealthy and loving, he summarised. Take care of all forms of love, all creations. Identify a cause larger than yourself. The best will come out when you believe in yourself. It is rare to be born as a human being, make your life count. It is a responsibility.
  • The purpose of this discourse is to make you align yourself to the truth, to make your love more pure, happiness deeper.
Make your life count by Mahatria Ra

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